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About In The Black

Mankind's final frontier is dominated by ruthless corporate interests and the powerful mercenary forces that they employ. In space, this is the one reality: those who can, take. Those who have, protect. Violence is inevitable, and for ambitious pilots with flexible ethics there are always opportunities to cash in.

In The Black is a hard science-fiction based multiplayer space combat simulator being developed and published by Impeller Studios. It is currently in development for Windows machines. VR support will be included and the studio is working with Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, and OSVR to ensure the game is fully supported on their hardware. The basic game will be free-to-play, but will offer various perks for purchase. Monetization strategies are focused on cosmetic and audio customizations that have no direct influence on gameplay.
Ships & Stations
Playable Fighters
  • Super Shrike-class light fighter
  • Kolibri-class light fighter
  • Thorncatcher-class medium fighter
  • Si Chi Ying-class medium fighter
  • Strider-class armed miner
  • Deathsphere-class heavy fighter
  • Elucidator-class light fighter
  • Wholeshaft-class assault transport
  • Ascendant-class armed miner
  • Lancer-class heavy fighter
  • Sniper-class medium fighter
  • Twinshot-class light fighter
  • Liberator-class assault transport

NPC Spaceships



  • Hecatonchiere-class carrier
  • Strongman-class tug
  • Scepter-class heavy transport

Orbital Platforms, Stations and Other Facilities

  • Space Logistics Station I
  • Space Logistics Station II
  • Asteroid Mining Facility (interior)
  • Lethe Base / Pallene


  • Lotus-class Orbital Defense Platform
  • Space Logistics Station III
  • Asteroid Mining Facility
  • Jovian Gas Harvester
  • Six Direction Pilot Academy
  • Meridion Station
Ship Components and Customization
  • Paint jobs
  • Insignia
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